Season 1 of [1 HOUR SURVIVOR] had 8 players compete over the course of one hour to win a game of Big Brother..

The season happened on April 7, 2017 and ended in Ashton beating Platypus by a vote of 3-2

Production Edit

This season was hosted by Behtaji.

Contestants Edit

Contestants Finish Times Nominated Votes
Potato 8th Place 1 5
Cool 7th Place 3 3
Nico 6th Place 1 2
Windo 5th Place 3 1
Brad 4th Place 3 1
Cody 3rd Place 2 5
Platypus Runner Up 3 0
Ashton Winner 2 0

Season Summary Edit

Ashton won the first HOH and nominated Cool and Potato for eviction as they were the two players against alliances. During this time he made deals with both Platypus and Windo to keep them safe. After Windo won the veto he didn't use it leaving Cool and Potato on the block. Potato was evicted 5-0.

The second HOH was won by Brad, the first of many competition wins for him. He nominated Cody and Platypus for eviction. Brad used his time as HOH to form a tight partnership with Nico. After Windo won the second veto he secured his alliance with Platypus by using the veto to save him, Brad put up Cool as a pawn in the replacement nominee. Cody was evicted 4-0.

Week 3 began with Platypus winning HOH and putting up the person who put him up Brad as well as the house target Cool. After Brad won the veto, Platypus switched the target to Cool and put up his ally Windo as a pawn. Cool was evicted 2-1

Brad continued his comp streak and won the fourth HOH of the season, putting up the tight pair of WIndo and Platypus. Ashton played the middle of the house between the two pairs but that ended when he won the power of veto and sided with his orignal allies Windo and Platypus by taking Windo off the block and evicting the replacement nominee Nico 2-0.

At the final four Ashton won HOH and put up the two biggest competition threats Brad and Windo but after Brad won the veto Windo was the obvious target and was evicted.

A Jury buyback happened this week and the 4 jurors competed to return to the game. Cody won the competititon. Platypus then won the final 4 HOH and nominated Ashton and Brad. Cody won the veto keeping the nominations the same and sending home Brad.

At the Final HOH competition Platypus won part 1, Cody won part 2 and Platypus won Part 3 evicting Cody and going to the final two with Ashton. Ashton won the game by a 3-2 vote.

Voting History Edit

VOTE 5-0 4-0 2-1 2-0 1-0 1-0 1-0 3-2
Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7
Ashton   Cody Cool Nico       Winner
Platypus Potato vetoed
    Rep     Runner-Up
Cody Potato    
Brad   Ashton
Brad Potato   Vetoed
Windo Potato Cody Rep vetoed
Nico PotatoCodyCool Rep  
Cool   Rep    
Key:  Nominated   Rep: Replacement Nominee   POV Holder   HOH   Jury Member   Evicted 
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