Season 2 of 1 HOUR SURVIVOR had 8 players play for 1 hour to try and win a game of Survivor.

The season was won by Windo who beat Usernam in a 4-1 vote.

Production Edit

This season was hosted by Ashton


Castaway Original Tribe Swapped Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Votes Against
Nick Orange 8th Place 3
Brad Orange 7th Place 2
Tucker Green Orange 6th Place 1
Potato Orange Green Red 5th Place 4
Nico Green Green Red 4th Place 2
Cody Green Green Red 3rd Place 1
Usernam Orange Orange Red Runner Up 5
Windo Green Orange Red Winner 0

Season Summary Edit

The game began with two tribes, the orange tribe and the green tribe. The Orange tribe consisted of Nick, Brad, Potato and Usernam. While the Green tribe was made up of Tucker, Nico, Cody and Windo. At the first immunity challenge the Green tribe won leading to a simple tribal council for Orange where Nick was voted out unanimously.

Orange lost the next immunity challenge as well and Potato and Usernam teamed up to send home Brad. After the challenge Cody finds the idol. At the tribe swap Potato and Usernam were split up putting them in very poor positions as they were down in numbers based on tribal lines. Tucker, Windo and Usernam lose the challenge and are sent to tribal council where Usernam is the easy vote. But just seconds before tribal council Usernam finds the idol and plays it cancelling two votes and sending home Tucker.

Windo finds the rehidden idol before the tribes merge. The tribes merge with five castaways remaining and worried about their numbers disadvantage Potato and Usernam immediately turn on each other. Cody wins immunity. The original greens are also divided leading to a 2-2-1 vote where Potato and Nico vote Usernam, Cody and Windo vote Potato and Usernam is left out of the loop. On the revote Potato is sent home 2-1.

At the final four Windo wins immunity meaning he can play his idol on anyone else in the game. Cody also has an idol and plans to play it on himself. At tribal council, Windo flips on the original greens suspecting an idol play and votes for Nico and plays his idol on Usernam. Cody and Nico's votes are cnacelled as well as Usernam's vote for Cody, sending Nico home with just one vote.

At the final immunity challenge Usernam wins and stays loyal to Windo who saved him at the previous vote by sending home Cody. At final tribal council the jury sees how much control Windo had throughout the game and he wins in a 4-1 vote.

Voting History Edit

Nick Brad Tucker Potato Nico Cody Windo Usernam
3-1 2-1 1-0 2-2-1 2-1 1-0 1-0
Windo Usernam Potato Potato Usernam<s>
Usernam Nick Brad Tucker Nico <s>Cody Cody
Cody Potato Potato Nico Usernam
Nico Usernam Usernam Usernam Windo
Potato Nick Brad Usernam Windo
Tucker Usernam Windo
Brad Nick Usernam Windo
Nick Usernam
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