Season 3 of 1 HOUR SURVIVOR consisted of 6 players competing in a game of survivor.

The season was won by Cody in a 2-1 vote over Tucker

Production Edit

This season was hosted by Ashton

Contestants Edit

Contestants Tribe Finish Votes Against
Nick Merged 6th Place 5
Nico Merged 5th Place 5
Trent Merged 4th Place 7
Jidiro Merged 3rd Place 1
Tucker Merged Runner Up 0
Cody Merged Winner 1

Season Summary Edit

The six contestants all started on the same tribe and after Nico wins the first immunity challenge it is again a simple vote. Nick is voted out 5-1. At the final five Jidiro wins immunity and an extra vote advantage. The vote comes down to two main targets, Nico and Trent. Jidiro continues to play the middle by splitting his votes between them, Cody sides with Trent and votes out Nico while Tucker sticks with Nico and votes Trent this leads to a 3-3 tie vote. On the revote Jidiro is the decider and he votes out Nico however Nico thinks it's Tucker who betrayed him.

At the final 4 Trent is still a target and is taken out after Tucker wins immunity and Cody plays his idol. At the final immunity challenge Tucker wins and takes Cody to the end who he thinks he can beat. At FTC Nico's confusion of who betrayed him comes to fruition as he votes for Cody giving him the win 2-1.

Voting History Edit

Nick Nico Trent Jidiro Cody Tucker
5-1 3-3 2-1 3-0 1-0 2 1
Cody Nick Nico Nico Trent
Tucker Nick Trent Trent Trent Jidiro
Jidiro Nick Trent


Nico Trent Cody
Trent Nick Nico Cody Tucker
Nico Nick Trent Cody
Nick Cody
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