Season 5 of 1 HOUR SURVIVOR consists of 8 players competing to win a game of survivor.

The season was won by Jidiro over Roodman and Ashton at the end by a 5-0-0 vote.

Production Edit

This season was hosted by Chaz.

Contestants Edit

Contestants Tribe Merged Finish Votes Against
Tucker Altama 8th Place 3
Fred Cuzma 7th Place 3
Cody Cuzma Merged 6th Place 0
Beamen Cuzma Merged 5th Place 2
Nico Altama Merged 4th Place 7
Roodman Altama Merged Runner Up 4
Ashton Cuzma Merged Runner Up 1
Jidiro Altama Merged Winner 0

Season Summary Edit

Season 5 of 1 HOUR SURVIVOR began with 8 players divided onto two tribes, Cuzma in blue and Altama in Green. On Cuzma was Ashton, Fred, Cody and Beamen. While Altama was made up of Roodman, Jidiro, Nico and Tucker. At the first vote, Altama loses immunity and Nico and Jidiro lead the vote against Tucker to get out the straight people. Fred also tried to lead a brigade to take out the straight people and was voted out next unanimously because of it.

The two tribes merge with three on each side and after Jidiro wins an immunity and also finds an idol putting himself in a great position. Jidiro was the target of the Cuzma's but after he won immunity Nico became the target. To avoid rocks, Roodman flips to vote Nico and Nico targets Roodman out of revenge. Looking like Nico will go home Beamen makes a shock flip forcing rocks to be drawn. Cody draws the black rock and is eliminated leaving Roodman and Ashton on the bottom.

At the next vote Ashton wins immunity putting the target on Roodman, but in desperation Rood makes a deal with Jidiro and Jidiro shocks everyone by playing his idol on him sending Beamen home. Roodman and Jidiro pull Ashton into there alliance making a final three deal. Ashton wins another immunity and Nico is the obvious target who is unanimously sent home. At final tribal council the jury hands Jidiro the win by a 5-0 vote.

Voting History Edit

3-1 3-1 3-3 Rocks 2-0 3-1 Jidiro Rood Ash
Tucker Fred Cody Beamen Nico 5 0 0
Jidiro Tucker Roodman White Rock Roodman Nico
Ashton Fred Nico White Rock Beamen Nico
Roodman Tucker Nico White Rock Beamen Nico
Nico Tucker Roodman White Rock Roodman Roodman Jidiro
Beamen Fred Roodman White Rock Roodman Jidiro
Cody Fred Nico Black Rock Jidiro
Fred Ashton Jidiro
Tucker Nico Jidiro
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